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28. lipnja 2021.
Preliminary Report and findings of the ongoing Workplace Inclusion Champion programme

Adapted: Nikolina Renić HR BCSD (Diversity Charter Croatia) alongside leading regional partners from the Šentprima Institute (Diversity Charter Slovenia) and […]

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2. lipnja 2021.
Balázs Békeffy, OTP banka CEO

Over the past year we introduced numerous new initiatives which were not only dedicated to D&I topics, but they integrated […]

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31. svibnja 2021.
Arthur Vašarević, Director, Schneider Electric for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Twenty years ago, the leadership of the Schneider Electric team was predominantly male. Gender imbalance in a male-dominated industry was […]

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28. svibnja 2021.
Diana Kobas Dešković, CEO, Spona code

Numerous analyses demonstrate the benefits of gender-based diversity in organisations ranging from better employee engagement to healthier workplaces and superior […]

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27. svibnja 2021.

U utorak 25. svibnja održan je međunarodni virtualni događaj Raznolikost i uključivost u obrazovanju, povodom Europskog mjeseca raznolikosti Međunarodni događaj […]

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26. svibnja 2021.
Tihomir Premužak, CEO, Vetropack Straža

We are mainly focused on gender, age and organisational function issues, but being focused on only a few aspects inevitably […]

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21. svibnja 2021.
Raznolikost za vrijeme COVID-19

Povodom Europskog mjeseca raznolikosti, 19. svibnja održan je međunarodni virtualni događaj Raznolikosti za vrijeme COVID-19 Događaj su organizirale Hrvatska i […]

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21. svibnja 2021.
Jiří Dvorjančanský, Member of the Board and General Manager, A1 Hrvatska

  The highest priority in our company in terms of diversity is to provide equal opportunities for career development for […]

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19. svibnja 2021.
Ivan Bartulović, Member of the Board, and Chief Human Resources Office, Hrvatski Telekom

Having a diverse team encourages creativity and innovation and allows us to learn from each other every day, and there […]

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18. svibnja 2021.
Ruža Tomić Fontana, General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia

The biggest challenge is eliminating stereotypes and prejudice, which are sometimes deeply ingrained in our society and culture. By educating, […]

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