Govornici na 10. konferenciji o DOP-u

Jubilarna 10. konferencija o DOP-u održati će se 20. i 21. studenoga 2018. godine u Hotelu Esplanade Zagreb


Vera Budway is Chief Diversity Officer in Erste Group Bank AG, in Vienna, Austria. By creating new, forward-thinking policies, she helps make the working environment at Erste more diverse, inclusive and engaging. From 2007 - 2013, she was Head of Diversity & Inclusion in Erste´s subsidiary in the Czech Republic Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank) where she built up Erste Group´s first comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Program “Diversitas”. 

Prior to joining Erste Group, Ms. Budway spent over 10 years as Senior Political Advisor on Democratization, Cross Border Cooperation and Economic Development to multilateral development organizations in Vienna, Brussels and Geneva. She received Master’s Degrees in Political Science and International Relations from Georgetown University (Washington, DC).

In addition to her committed work for the Erste Group, Ms Budway is an active member of Rotary International Vienna (President 2018/19); and serves on the boards of directors of the Open Society Prague and the Institute for Stability and Development. She is Chairwoman of the British Chamber of Commerce´s Working Group on Diversity and CSR, and is a founding member of the Austrian Chapter of the International Women´s Forum (IWF) and serves on its Board as Deputy Vice President.

Ivo Šlaus, honorary president of the World Academy of Art and Science (since 2013, from 2011-2013 president), honorary member of The Club of Rome (member since 1987, honorary since 2017), professor emeritus of physics (since 2005, professor of physics since 1967), member of the Pugwash Council (since 2003), member of the Academia Europaea (since 1988), member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (since 1977), corresponding member of the Montenegrin and Macedonian Academies of Sciences and Arts (since 2006), member of the European Leadership Network (since 2010), member of the World Innovation Foundation (since 2003), member of Balkan Political Club since 2004, member of its the Managing Board since 2007; fellow American Physical Society (since 1985), fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK (since 1996); co-founder of the European Physical Society in 1969 and member of its Executive committee in two terms (1969-71, and 1987-91). Ivo Šlaus was elected Fellow of the World Academy in 1994, member of its Board of Trustees since 2005, chair of the Board of Trustees (June 2011-Dec 2011), president of the World Academy of Art and Science since Dec 2011; co-founder of Academia Europaea in 1988, and chair of its Physics and Engineering Section during which time most Nobel prize recipients joined AE. Founder of the Croatian Association of the Club of Rome. Former Dean of Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations and Diplomacy (2010-2017). Former head Department of Nuclear Research at the Rudjer Boskovic (IRB), and former president of the Scientific Council (IRB). Former visiting professor UCLA, Georgetown University, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, Kyoto University, Universite Laval (Quebec), Universite Catholique Louvain, Free University Amstrdam, anf advisor to Navl Research Lab, Washington, Los Alamos National Laboratory, TRIUMF, Vancouver

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia (2000-2003), member of the Committees for Foreign Affairs and for Science, Education and Culture; participant of the Stockholm International Forum on Holocaust 2000; president Council of Social-Democratic Party of Zagreb and member of its General Council (1998-2004); co-founder and secretary general of the Croatian Movement for Democracy and Social Justice (1997-2001).

Zrinka Lovrencic is the Managing Director of Great Place to Work Australia. Since 2008, Zrinka has been working with organisations across a variety of industries and locations to assess their workplace cultures and support them as they seek to transform their organisations to become not only great workplaces, but increase their shareholder returns.

As the MD of Great Place to Work Australia, Zrinka is the curator of the Business Review Weekly “Best Places to Work” list published each year, is a featured speaker on workplace trends and management strategies. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Management from Macquarie University, as well as an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Zrinka was awarded NSW Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards (2013).

According to the World Bank, the global services industry contribution to global GDP is over 70%, and growing at a rate of 1% per annum worldwide. This is the fastest growing industry in the world. The growth in the service industry dictates that the world’s largest resource is in fact the human capital.

However, when organisations think about optimising efficiency, they tend to look at assets and resources; specifically machinery, output, suppliers, the supply chain, infrastructure, and logistics; frequently not focusing on that most important asset the human capital. There is a need to shift attention to optimising the human capital, and putting employees at the centre of operational efficiency optimisation.

A featured speaker on workplace trends, Zrinka has focused her research on management strategies and people practices aimed at improving workplace

Jacques Spelkens was born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1957.  After graduating in Philology, in Philosophy and Politic Science at the ULB (University of Brussels), he started his professional career as a teacher and University Professor (Philosophy and Modern Languages) in Belgium and the United States. 

He’s still teaching Master classes in “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” at ICHEC Brussels Management School, and is a regular worldwide lecturer on these topics. He also contributes to several media on a regular basis.

He joined the then GDF SUEZ Group in 2003, in charge of Communication and Linguistics in several Belgian affiliates of this multinational Group in the Energy and Utilities sector.

In 2008, he became CSR Manager for the Group (based both in Paris and in Brussels) and in 2010 also Head of the Department Social Innovation at GDF SUEZ in Paris at worldwide Corporate level.  Within this Department he was in charge of strategic topics : solidarity, diversity/alterity, fight against discrimination and exclusion, international partnerships and innovative policies regarding employment and training.

In 2013, he became Member of the Board of CSR Europe and several organizations in the CSR sector like FAPE (Fund for Actions to Promote Employment), the FACE Foundation (Foundation for Acting to Counter Exclusion) where he’s Adviser to the President and Energy Assistance.

Within the now ENGIE Group, he’s currently (since January 2016) Head of CSR for the Benelux, in charge of environmental, social, societal issues as well as Corporate Citizenship activities.



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