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Lideri uključivosti na radnome mjestu (Workplace Inclusion Champion - WIC)

Projekt “Lideri uključivosti na radnome mjestu” (Workplace Inclusion Champion – W.I.C.), kojeg financira Europska komisija, The Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC), u iduće dvije godine koliko će trajati, okupit će širok raspon dionika i stručnjaka.
Serije treninga o raznolikosti će pomoći potpisnicima povelja, ne samo da unaprijede svoje vještine i znanja o temi raznolikosti, već i da osvijeste koristi koje primjena politike raznolikosti nosi u praksi. Razmatranje politika raznolikosti i uključivosti na praktičan i interaktivan način, pomoći će polaznicima treninga da sami integriraju praksu raznolikosti istovremeno stvarajući čvrsti okvir za međusobnu suradnju i dijeljenje najbolje praske među organizacijama potpisnicama povelja.

What leaders in Croatia said about D&I at the the workplace

WIC Project Council Board Members

In order to learn more about our Council board members, please read their short biographies below

Karla Alfier

Karla is a manager in Business Consulting at EY Croatia. As a qualified lawyer, she primarily deals with compliance and regulatory matters on various projects for clients coming from the private and public sector, with a focus on sustainability. Thus, she is assisting clients to comply with relevant obligations imposed through the sustainable finance regulatory framework, especially those in the financial sector. Activities in the field also include participation in lectures, workshops and trainings, all with the aim of promoting sustainability. Additionally, given her strong personal inclination towards climate change and environmental topics, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve sustainable goals in their daily business operations and communicate their progress and reached milestones through sustainability reporting.


Daria Mateljak is the Managing Partner in the consulting company Hauska & Partner. In her rich consulting portfolio, she mostly dealt with business and communication consulting in problematic situations and in risk management, issues of building and preserving organizational reputation, managing topics during mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and starting new businesses, organizational culture and processes. Daria advises companies on issues of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in all business segments, as well as sustainability reporting. She led many significant projects for large corporations and organizations, some of which have been awarded national and international awards. Daria is the Ambassador of the Diversity Charter in Croatia.


Sanja Sarnavka, MA in Comparative Literature, has been engaged professionally as the human rights activist for the last twenty years. Albeit dealing with all forms of discrimination and human rights violations, her focus has been put primarily on gender equality, while her special interest and expertise lies in advocacy and media. She coordinated founding of the Human Rights House Zagreb, and held a position of the president of the Board for 8 years. For seventeen years she acted as the president of B.a.B.e. (Be active. Be emancipate,). She was a member of the Advisory Board of the HRH Network, member of the Advisory Panel of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and a member of the Council for Civilian Oversight of Security and Intelligence Agencies in Croatia. Since 2017 she has been engaged with the Foundation Solidarna, and has held a position of the president of the Steering Council for the last three years. She developed, organised and/or participated in a number of research projects at national and international level – portrayal of women in daily newspaper, the image of women in media and advertising, Global Media Monitoring Project, Croatian school textbooks, etc. She is the author of several papers and books on portrayal of women in media, discrimination in Croatia, gender equality, and producer of 14 documentaries.

Diana Bekavac

Diana Bekavac 33 yo from Zagreb Croatia Member of the executive board and financial manager in Common Zone, an NGO most famous for Voxfeminae.net non profit media and Vox Feminae festival we run for the last 15 years. Most of our work revolves around gender and LGBTIQ equality. Co-founder and director of sales in FIERCE WOMEN d.o.o. social enterprise that produces the Fierce women, an educational, inspiring and fun game that celebrates and promotes women who made great contributions to society, and develops complementary products and educational tools.

Dijana Kesonja

Dijana Kesonja graduated law from the University of Rijeka. She obtained the title of an university specialist in human rights in Rijeka with the final topic “Hate speech in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union”. Since 2003, she has worked as an independent lawyer and, among other things, has represented parties in anti-discrimination proceedings and in areas of human rights protection in court proceedings before national and European courts of human rights. Since 2014, she has been working as an advisor for legal affairs and strategic litigation in the institution of the Ombudsman.
Glavni rezultat W.I.C. projekta biti će razvoj Sedmo-modularnog treninga za potpisnike povelja o raznolikosti te uspostava Regionalnog sustava mentorstava za raznolikost kojim će se stvoriti sveobuhvatan okvir za učenje i mentorstvo potpisnika povelja te će im se omogućiti da se praktično i strateški bave načelima raznolikosti.
Projekt će razviti mnogostruke aspekte učenja, kao što je razvoj znanja, vještina i stavova potpisnika, njihovo osobno znanje, unaprijedit će organizacijsku kulturu, te znanje kako surađivati s različitim grupama.


10. veljače 2022.
Edukativni program - Workplace Inclusion Champion

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Preliminary Report and findings of the ongoing Workplace Inclusion Champion programme

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Lideri uključivosti na radnome mjestu - Rezultati preliminarne studije

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Balázs Békeffy, OTP banka CEO

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Arthur Vašarević, Director, Schneider Electric for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Diana Kobas Dešković, CEO, Spona code

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Tihomir Premužak, CEO, Vetropack Straža

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Jiří Dvorjančanský, Member of the Board and General Manager, A1 Hrvatska

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Ivan Bartulović, Member of the Board, and Chief Human Resources Office, Hrvatski Telekom

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Ruža Tomić Fontana, General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia

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18. svibnja 2021.
Ivana Budin Arhanić, Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Affairs, Valamar Riviera

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